We are back in Vancouver, BC, I'm looking for another project to work on. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Lost Unicorn with fur or hair

Here is my version of the lost Unicorn based of the concept from Creature Box.

Gnome Character Model to be rig and animation ready, he will have dynamic hair as well as other detail to be seen soon.

Head and face blocking. Eyes have to be adjusted, not happy with the way they look at the moment.

Underwear blocking and detailing. stitching still has to be add to the seams

Hand and wrist blocking. I still have to add all the vein and pore detail to all part of the body.

Arm Blocking

upper body blocking

leg blocking. The foot is coming next. I'm hoping to have all the blocking done this week and stat on the clothes, armor, jewelery and weapons next week

Here are a couple trailers from the latest movies I worked on.
Mune: Guardian of the Moon

The Little Prince

Asterix & Obelix: God Save Britannia